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just moments ago finished talking about a deal that was struck to avoid the federal takeover of the oakland police department. mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan were both there speaking. now, basically what the deal involves is that civil rights attorneys and the city of oakland have agreed to a deal. they did so in federal court that would prevent the federal receivership of the oakland police department. the court documents outline a settlement that still has police reform an oversight just not by the department of justice. the agreement must be approved by the federal judge currently overseeing the case. instead of receivership attorneys, lawyers are calling -- instead of receivership, excuse me, lawyers are calling the deal receivership light. the department would be overseen by someone called a compliance officer. that person would then report back to the judge. ktvu's john was inside that room there where that press conference just ended moments ago and he's been following this story. john, take it from there. >> all right, frank, yeah, they
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just wrapped up this press conference about one minute ago literally. they just walked out. they're do ago town hall meeting on crime in oakland and we first had to talk about this receivership issue and the settlement with the plaintiffs in this case but it certainly has the mayor and the police on the hot seat and has for a long time but that story is worried that the city has settled with the plaintiffs in the notorious writers case and potentially avoided receivership that is a federal takeover to have police department. this is the case thad the entire police department under the microscope because of four former officers known as the requireds who called themselves the riders were blamed for planting evidence and abusing suspects. mayor officially announce that side this case, which has been hanging over the police department for about ten years now, has been settled pending a judge's approval. >> this is a team effort. i look forward to working closely with the compliance direct eror.
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>> as he said, he looks forward to working with the compliance director. it is not, i repeat not, they say, a takeover, but they will be working alongside that compliance director who they say they will collaborate with rather than be directed to do whatever they have to do. they say after having worked so long aside the federal oversight committee or the individuals doing that oversight that they feel like they can work together rather than having to be taken over by the feds. that's the very latest here in oakland. i'm john, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, john, thanks very much. of course, john was a part of that news conference that just wrapped up a short time ago. we're still trying to get new te tails about this agreement that was reached late this afternoon where the oakland police department is avoiding oo federal takeover. more de tails coming up in later news casts. right now this all comes, though, as the oakland police department are searching for gunmen. the shootings happened at about
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10:20 last night on 18th street near 6th after. two men and a woman were hurt. about three blocks away, a stray bullet hit another man outside a liquor store. surveillance footage shows the man crawling to safety inside. now, police say all four people are expected to survive. a plea deal has landed a former drug squad commander in jail for stealing and then selling confiscated drugs. new at 6:00 ktvu's paul chambers was in the courtroom today and is here now with the emotional court hearing for a good police officer gone bad. >> frank, today, our cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom, but it was an emotional day. before entering a plea he kissed his wife, daughters and dad good buy and then before the judge he sobbed and cried as he apologized to the people he hurt. >> here's norman wielsch a few months ago. wielsch was the central head of the cnet. now, he's behind bars after he pleaded guilty to five felony
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counts in federal court. >> norm wielsch did serve the public in an honorable way for quite a number of years, and then he did go bad and there's no denying that. >> wielsch admitted to several crimes, including conspireing to distribute and stealing marijuana and meth amphetamines worth up to $70,000. seen here in this undercover video shown in court wielsch also said he took part in phony sting operations where he stole more than $10,000 from prostitutes along with their cell phones. >> he has to live with himself every day with the shame of disappointing his family, law enforcement, frepds and general public. >> this court wielsch said he takes full responsibility for what he's done and apologized to all law enforcement officials for tarnishing the badge but more importantly he's sorry to his father for disgracing the family name. >> norm was taking care of his father so norm feels very guilty that he is now leaving his dad
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alone. >> wielsch is now in the custody of the u.s. marshalls. he's scheduled to be sentenced in february. he's facing a minimum of ten years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. live in the news room i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. we have learned that the state is investigating the oakland group home that an autistic girl walked away from last week before she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. today's plea hearing for 36-year-old gary atkinson was pushed back to the 17th. police say he kidnapped and raped the 16-year-old girl after she walk aid way from fred finch children's home. that center has denied repeated requests for an interview. announce the arrests of suspects in a string of robberies at the bridge. it's a story we first brought you back in february. that's when a pair of toll takers were robbed at gunpoint. there were several more reported armed robberies at the bridge in october and december of last year. san francisco police this
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afternoon showed us some of the 900 electronic devices that they have confiscated after busting an auto burglary ring. police say the gadgets are worth about a half million dollars in all. look at this. they include more than 75 laptop, a hundred cell phones along with ipads and watches. police say car burglaries are up 16% this year in the city. >> be careful what you leave in plain view in your vehicles and obviously there is a secondary market for electronic devices or they wouldn't be taken in the numbers that they have been. >> investigators have arrested two 24-year-old brothers, victor and henry gam bow with an and 23-year-old an na. they are facing several charges now, including receiving stolen property. the rain is tapering aufshgs but there is a lot of storm damage left behind. ktvu's mike is live now in marin county with the dangerous impact this latest wave of wet weather caused. mike. >> julie for one bay area family this recent storm hit a little
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bit too close for home, wind, rain, flooding, traffic, we seem to have it all across much of the bay area today. >> the rain fell some folks running others pulling out a piece of parp. the new storm system did bring out some umbrellas and also brought down the trees. in oakland caltran had to close one lane on highway 13 as they cleaned up the debris. >> a couple people came out looking for their cars. they couldn't really find it because they're under this treechlt you think the damage is bad here? it gets even worse in the city of san francisco. >> san francisco's russian hill. >> this giant crash, and i just thought it was an earthquake. >> says it was a loud wakeup call for her family. a hundred foot evergreen came down and came right inside. >> i ran in and opened the door and my husband was still in bed and i said, "what are you doing? you need to move." right when he moved the ceiling caved in.
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>> may have played a role on the crash in golden gate bridge. >> total of three weeks railroad involved, one injure rishgs one non-life threatening. >> a multi-car injury accident forced the closure of all lanes for a short time. the backup getting into san francisco was so bad the bridge district's spokeswoman says eight vehicles stalled while stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic. >> not much we can do. a lot of us in the same situation. >> cause of the crash on the golden gate is still under investigation. chp says weather may have been a contributing factor, but it is rarely the primary reason in an accident. live tonight here at the golden gate bridge, mike, ktvu channel 2 news. a large pine tree toppled over in aren da. it fell on top of sop parked cars near the corner of al that ren da road. we heard there were two cars stuck under that tree. at least one of them was damaged. crews are making progress in repairing a large sink hole that was 15 feet deep on mountain view drive in lafayette.
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they built a channel overnight to allow storm water to properly flow from that hole. the city council also adopted an emergency declaration establishing a $1 million budget to fix the road's drainage problem. the huge sink hole opened up during last subd's heavy downpours. the chp says a person found dead along a rural road in fairfield was apparently hit by a car. officers say about 8:30 this morning someone called to report a body on peabody road. the chp interviewed a person who they think was the driver and say that person is being cooperative. investigators say the accident probably happened in the middle of the night. the highway patrol says speed and wet roads led to a dramatic rolloveraccident in livermore this afternoon. the driver told officer she lost control of her pickup on westbound 580 after hitting some standing water. the vehicle flipped over the median before landing on the eastbound side of the highway. the driver only suffered minor injurys and nobody else was hurt. in the santa cruz mountains
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linking highway 17 to the silicon valley is open again tonight. crews ignored the rain and worked to reopen after the roadway washed out during last weekend's storm. crews manages to reopen the road as a one-lane road before 1:00 this afternoon. and our storm watch coverage continues on you'll find live storm tracker 2 and our five-day forecast. just click on the storm watch tab. palo alto police say the same person is probably responsible for a pair of attempted robberies. police say a woman in her 30s was pushed to the ground by a man who tried to steal her purse on homer avenue at about 1:15 sunday morning. officer say he punched the woman then ran away. about 15 minutes later and a few block ace way on university avenue, a homeless woman in her 70s was badly beaten by a man who tried to rob her as she leapt. >> she was in the hospital for ten hours. no skull injury, but her jaw, her whole side of her jaw is so
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swollen and black and blue. >> a local church has been checking in on that woman to make sure she's doing all right, and police say they have increased patrols in the area. the family of a young woman killed following a street reyesing accident has asked the judge for leniency in the case. prosecutors tell ktvu that 20-year-old vin sent and 25-year-old shon dra were each sentenced to a year in jail for the crash that happened in santa clara last year. police said the two were reyesing at high speeds when they were -- when they hit the car that was driven by 23-year-old ashley kreeger. kreeger's family asked for a sentence of probation and community service because of the defendant's age and since no drugs or alcohol were involved. a san francisco 49ers pray player could face misdemeanor charges stemming from a bui arrest last week. cite and had released last friday on suspicion of dui. he had crashed his cadillac
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right into a fence on the expressway. chp says the officer also found less than an ounce of marijuana in his possessio the 49ers say the team is aware of the situation and has no further comment. rain ending in the bay area. learn just how much fell and what the big weather story will be for the rest of the week. a parking price tag de spite an eight-figure surplus. how much more it could cost to park at bart. bay area animal shelters overcrowd and had overwhelmed. >> she's been here since september 26th. >> are some irresistible faces and a little extra incentives add up to homes for hundreds of animals. >> kt vur channel 2 news at 5:00 is all about conch. we invite you to watch ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 every day. complete bay area news coverage !
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. in san jose, two people accused in a crime spree appeared in court together today for the first time.
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26 yoerld jonathan willbanks and his alleged accomplice, 15-year-old mull droe did not enter pleas. mull droe is being charged as an adult. the two are accused in a series of armed robberies the attempted murder of a police officer and the fatal shooting of a campbell man. >> it's very typical in a case like this where there's a potential life sentence. took a long time to get all the necessary materials turned over to the defense. >> the victim's family and friends were in court today but declined to court. the two suspects are due back in court on january 16th. richmond city officials say they want the public to have more input before chevron repairs its damaged refinery. chevron wants to replace pipes that failed last august causing that massive fire with an alloy known as nine cream yum. this city of richmond wants more expert opinions on the choice of materials to make sure that the safest alternatives are being used. the city manager will schedule a public meeting after that report is complete.
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at least a dozen california lawmakers billed the state for repairs or upgrades to their state-provided cars then later bought those vehicles. an ap report finds that some lawmakers used taxpayer dollars to repair those cars shortly before they bought them as their personal vehicles. for example, former republican senate leader bob dutton spent almost 6 thousand taxpayer dollars to repair his 2005 chevy tahoe and democratic senator of san le yan droe. bay area animal shelters say they are absolutely overwhelmed with cats and dogs right now, so much so that they're practically giving them away. new at 6:00 live in san jose with a new tactic to fight the overcrowding this christmas season. eric. >> frank, this little guy right here is christopher. he's a three-year-old chi wau wau mix and this shelter had reduced his adoption fee to just $12 because it simply can't keep up with the number of dogs
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dropped off or abandoned this time of year. >> inside the san jose animal kier center, there's a lot of love for these dogs, but not nearly enough room. >> it was designed to hold 28 dogs for adoption. >> and now. >> now we have over a hun. >> that includes four-year-old doeber man mix kona. >> you'll see on our paperwork she's been here since september 26th. that is a long time for a dog of this size with this type of energy. >> volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good girl. >> but now managers of this shelter and five others in santa clara county hope a new offer will convince someone to take dogs like kona home for good. >> we're putting all of our adult animals on sale for $12. >> until the end of december that's more than $100 off for dogs and 75 off for cats. the sales pitch has already worked on miguel rivera and his pregnant wife wen di ready to add a baby and a dog to their
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family. >> trying to take one home. a little special right there, any dog for $12 so make a dog happy today. >> at this shelter committed to not youth niezing a single animal it's exactly what they want for the holidays. >> and, you know, we asked managers today why they seemed to see such a jump in dogs dropped off here this time of year. they say often people just can't afford to keep their pets. we're live in san jose, eric, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now on the adoption program. these are the six shelters that are taking part and together their fwoel is to adopt out 1200 pets this month. so far they've connected about a hun animals with new families, and you can find an animal shelter near you by going to you'll find a list of the shelters participating in the $12 adoptions. just look for web links under hot topics on our home page. it apierce apple's domination of the tablet market has taken a hit.
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research firm international data corp. says apple's tablet market share was almost 54% this year. this is down from 56% in 2011. this comes as google's android tablet products are set to increase their share to 42.7%. that's up from 39.8% in 2011. showers kind of lingering in the south bay now but things are clearing out. it was a wet morning commute for sure and really slowed thingses down on the roadways. if you're watching this morning, that's all they were talking about. the rain came down hard and heavy for awhile and now it's mostly gone. most of it is down here in the south bay in the morgan hill area. the activity is really light at this point although morgan hill moderate to light rain fall right there on the highway so you've got a little bit of slowdown there but quickly passing through the area. when it drys out it's going to cool off and be foggy in the morning hours so temperatures going to be in the upper 40s, low 50s. dew points are in the low 50s,
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upper 40s so when the dew point temperature is reechd, you're going to get fog, inland valley fog, lots of places tomorrow morning. so if you're used to having fog you're going to get it again tomorrow morning especially this time of year with this time of pattern. so tonight fog is back in the forecast. showers will kind of linger. there's a few sprinkles in and out in places mainly in the south bay and certainly by sunrise fog is the main concern and the extended forecast calls for more fog because the high pressure is going to dominate our landscape as we go into the next three, four, five, six, seven days. we've got a nice long dry stretch so we need it had rain. you know, you think about it. that was quite a series of events thoo came in. there's high pressure setting up for thursday through sunday going to stay even longer than that and set up the fog but if we didn't get it you know what the story would be? where's the snow, where's the rain. this is how california works. this is how we get our rain and we have to be ready for it. the heaviest rain now is moving off. this is the computer model at
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10:00 but still showers lingering in the area then you see things sort of cloud up in the morning. that's probably some fog showing up in the valley and then clearing so a nice-looking day tomorrow afternoon. forecast highs in the low 60s. these are numbers for fairfield, napa, vallejo 58, concord 5858, santa clara valley up into the low 60s and in the five-day forecast with weekend i can't stress enough that it's funny how it all works but if that five-day series of events didn't occur we really would be do ago story where's the snow where's the rain but when it comes, it comes big. weir going to get a break now and kind oof start wondering where tees rain again. >> all right. thanks, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, landslides are a big concern for some homeowners this time of year but we're learning about a new way to predict landslides that does not rely on rain totals and word tonight about a marijuana bust so large in one county that it's actually being called a record breaker. join us at 7:00 on tv 36.
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riding bart is about to cost you more. the price hike xhierts will have to pay before they even step onto a train
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. it could soon cost more to
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park at bart stations according to a letter from the transit agency de spite recording a more than $10 million surplus last year, barts now considering market-based parking fees. that would mean prices to park could increase de pending on demand certain station. bart says it won't cost more than $3 a day and the increases won't happen more than twice a year. to give bart your input on the proposed changes, just head over to and click on web links where you can fill out the survey. >> all right. mark joins us now with big news from cal today. we now know who the new head football coach will be. >> yeah. exciting times for the football program they hope even more in the near future as they decide to not go the household name route in picking the coach replaced jeff tedford and lead that football program on but the man who gets the call is pretty well known in college football circles. it's sunny dikes who guided louisiana teches bulldogs to a 9 and 3 record this past year. he knows how to build an offense
6:26 pm
it certainly seems as they led the nation in scoring 51.5 points per game. they also surrendered 38 points a game on defense. we'll shee how that shakes out. you're going to hear from him when cal makes the official announcement in the next couple of days. until further noits in fact you don't have to ask anymore, colin capper nick is the 49ers starting quarterback which is not to say there's plenty of capper nitpicking to do after the rams game this past sunday. obviously the huge turnover with just about 3 minutes left. that allowed st. louis to tie the game but nothing glaring to shake his coach's confidence in him. >> after a couple tough plays last week to come back the way he did, i mean, we always knew he had that, but then to have chance to display that, he's done a great job getting out of trouble and -- and extending plays. been very accurate throwing the football and, you know, done a lot of good things.
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>> the biggest thing was just move on and get ready for next week. i mean, they said don't worry about it. we're a team. we'll win as a team; lose as a taerjs and we'll get ready for ma'am knee. >> baseball winner meetings continue and most notable move involving former oakland a's third baseman eric chavez today smacked 16 homers with the yan keys this past season citing a one-year arrangement with the arizona diamondbacks so he'll be playing against the giants on many an occasion. $3 million for one year. warriors in detroit city tonight start of a 7-game road trip. full high lights tonight at 10:00 and doing all right up a dozen when i walked away in the third quarter so maybe some good stuff at 10:00. all right. mark, thank you. as we told you at the top of this news cast a deal has been struck to avoid federal control of the oakland police department. tonight on the 10:00 news we're talking to the mayor and the police chief about this unexpected turn of events and what it means. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news
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